Northstar Church Woodlands | Welcome
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Northstar Church


We value diversity, generosity, commitment, and growth, and we lookup in our worship, relationship, and desire for God.


The Bible itself is the source of our beliefs. It’s God’s infallible word. Having a servant’s heart like Jesus helps us look out for our community.


If you’ve ever wondered if there’s more to life than what you’ve seen and been exposed to, look into our podcasts. There’s more.

Navigators by definition are responsible for an aircrafts course and direction. Those who volunteer their time at Northstar Church make the difference and set the direction toward new levels.

Growth Track is the place to learn vision, who Northstar is, and discover the role you play in the story. Most importantly, it’s where you learn your New Direction. Serve your purpose and grow.

Service Times

Sunday – 11 AM

First Wednesday of Each Month – 7 PM